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A candle.

For this design I focussed on how you perceive a burning flame. What are the essential processes going on? To me, it is for once the many different layers of the flame, from top to bottom. To recreate that detail in this design,  the light is scattered by a cone made from brass, and collected by the surrounding smaller glass tube. There is glare happening simultaneously at many different, yet controlled places, creating an eclectic light


Furthermore, it is encapsuled by a glass tube, emphasizing the inner body and collecting the scattered light, whilst illuminating the entire lamp. At last: A candle can only burn upwards. The advantage of an LED light is, that the shining element can be integrated, meaning it could shine upwards and downwards - a detail this design pays tribute to.

Its base contains a rechargable battery pack, making it as mobile as any regular candle / oil lamp. 


HWD:  320mm x 100 x 100mm

LED:  2W, 2700K, 90CRI

Material:  Aluminium, Steel, Acrylic Glass

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