KNX is a playful approach to integrate mechanical elements into an object's functioning process. It's altering mechanism is inspired by the "muller's ratchet" - a slider snapping into place, allowing to move in either direction of the gearwheel.


The interaction of angle, height of the gearwheel's teeth and load of the spring allow the slider to move with just the right amount of force. This way the mechanisms are to be moved smoothly, yet firmly enough to hold the weight of the lamp in place. It's name is granted hence the sound it makes whilst altering the lamp. 

KNX is build in a sandwich, having a core element containing all the mechanical implements as well as outside panels creating the necessary gearwheels. ​It's powered by a 6W LED, making it an ideal working desk lamp.

KNX's has a very graphical, almost two dimensional appearance. As a contrast it's cable is guided in a zick-zack kind of fashion throughout the arm and head of the lamp to break with the prevalent conception. 

HWD:  760mm x 160mm x 260mm

LED:  8W, 3200K, 90CRI

Material:  Aluminium, Steel

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