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AARO - for DCW Editions

AARO revolves around a sphere. The perfect sphere has no direction, no top or bottom and no limitation. AAROs wide rod is mounted on one of those spheres, which enables it to move effortless, without friction or directional joints, in any given position. A balancing act, fathoming the sphere‘s potential due to its flowing movements.

The topic of the sphere is continuously used throughout AARO's design. 

Starting from the head, a specially manufactured glass sphere, enclosing the LED casing. To be moved freely a 40mm steel sphere is used in the middle as a mounting point and a 120mm steel sphere at the end of its arm, working as a counter weight.  

AARO is mounted to the wall with a twodimensional disc, representing a connection point from a threedimensional object to a twodimensional plane. 

H x W x D: 680mm x 2000mm x 550mm

LED: 10W, 3000K, 90CRI​

Material: Anodized aluminium, Steel, Glass

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