Modular Pavillon

The Project Modul-Pavillon was a collaboration with »Wolkenstürmer«, a well known manufacturer of kites and equipment in Germay. In the course of expanding their range of articles, the following task was identyfied: »Develope an independend product by using the popular materials from the field of kiting«. I immediately noticed the possibility of generating large volumes by using carbonpoles and kite cloth. This ability led me to the idea of creating a system of pavillons for several fields of application. The pavillons have a triangular base and consist of four repeating components: Carbonpoles, laces, bases and kitefabric. The bend of the carbonpoles enables the framework’s inner stability while simultaniously streching the cloth. Due to laces on the corner points the construction’s tension can be increased. The triangular footprint allows to arrange and connect the pavillons along a certain grid.




The single pavillons can be arranged along certain triangular grid. This enables a various couloured and arranged scenery. The single pavillon can be connected by:

– Snaps

– Hook and loop fasteners or

– Zippers

Additional material or elaborate joining techniques
are no longer required



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