Mechanical processes as a Desgin Principle


This project is about the usual product’s hidden inner mechanical processes. Instead of hiding them I was trying to specifically emphasize the techniques my models consist of. During the usage of several everyday objects it often bothered me that I was never able to see how the object really works. I focused on the users ignorance and tried to expose the functional principles to him. As a result my models are equipped with a lot of technical gimmicks. The objects are featured by gear wheels, gear racks, rotary joints or visible electric.


Gear Lamp
A clamping mechanism grabs and fixes the lamp holder. Springs press the four independend arms together, gear wheels surround the light. Clamp and light are seperated and stay interchangeable. The Clamp is fixed on and aluminumpole and in height and direction adjustable. To continue the visibility theme the switch is only covered by plexiglass.
Klemme_Web zahnstänge frei zahnstange block

Clamping Mechanism

This clamping mechanism works by two gear wheels blocking on a rack. The two on axes mounted gear wheels are free to move in two directions. By pressing the inclined plane the gear wheels are pushed apart and no longer blocked – the sliding element is now free to move. If you take away the pressure on the inclined plane, a rubber pushes the two axes back together, slides the inclined plane up and the mechanism blocks again.

Suspended Chair

Two gear wheels, running on two gear racks, are fitted on a spring arm under the seating surface. Charging the seating surface by sitting down, the gear wheels move along the gear racks and suspend the spring.

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