SM.13 is a piece of furniture finding it’s existence during a project called „hanged seating“. My idea was to recreate the feeling of „hanging“ within an independend piece of furniture. Mounting a chair underneth a cealing in a weight range of over a hundred kilos offers a wide range of different problems, plus – once hanged it stays in place. In my drafts I tried to integrate the feeling of sitting in a hanging chair into a Lounge Chair format, which is mobile and independed in placing.




The seating area shall consists only of cloth so the lightness of a hanging seat is visible. Due to the material, a cloth seat wants to wrap itself around whoever wants to sit down, a phenomena you find in hammoks, too. To prevent this to happen I developed a tension mechanism, which keeps the pieces of cloth in a straight line and makes it behaviour controlable.



So far the chair is in prototype phase. Certain elements are already definite though. The frame’s spine seperates at the upper end, to give comfort to the user’s resting head. The sides and armrests will be hold up by straps, again playing with the overall theme „hanging“.





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