Screwdriver Race

Screwdriver Race' 2011


Hildesheim, Germany 2011. Several teams from different universities competed with one another in building the fastest screwdriver-powered vehicle. The company »Bosch« provided the Teams with 18V lithium ion screwdrivers. Regulations restrict the teams scope of actions and ensures a fair competition. The topic of 2011 is »Lightweight«, next to win of the race the lightest vehicle receives points, too. Also construction and team appearance is juged by a jury of experts. The race was on the 28th of May 2011, including 16 teams. It was the third time a team from our university starts on the screwdriver race in Hildesheim. Experiences from the last years had a decisive influence on our drafts. Our team consisted of four students and one supervising professor. The concept of our screwdriver vehicle combindes light materials like carbon and aluminium with superlight bikeparts and a maximum reduced construction. The vehicle is exclusively manufactured in our university. Laminating and casting of different carbon components as well as complex aluminium parts are manufactured by ourselves. Further information concerning race and rules are listed on




The final vehicle consists of carbon fibre and aluminium. Framework is laminated out of carbon pipes, hubs are made of aircraft aluminium and further components from the cycling field were tuned by ourselves to save material and grams. We reached a final weight of exactly 4000 grams. This brought us the first place in the Lightweight category. Furthermore we reached the finals in the actual race itself, which we unfortunately lost. But still – second out of 16 teams and the victory in the Lightweight category was a result we all were more than happy about! In addition our vehicle is nominated for the Designaward 2011 of Hamburgs Museum of Arts (MKG), presented in December 2011

Our concept was influenced by several different factors within the race’s regulations. The Lightweight theme challenged each shaping area. We translated the guideline of a multi-laned vehicle by using three wheels. Furthermore we chose a kneeling position to increase the speed in fast turns and to lower down the centre of gravity. The driver should have a lot of space inside the vehicle, to mount the screwdriver and to lean into the curves.